RLR Custom Glass Pendants

Handcrafted and fused dichroic glass pendants in Milford, MA.

All of our scheduled shows for this year have been cancelled. Deb and I are working on some new designs and hope to see you at a craft fair next year.
Robert Righter started fusing glass in 2008 when his wife Debbi bought him a bead making kit for the holidays (ask Debbi as the gift didn't work so well). The next year he began fusing glass in a small kiln. After many experiments of using different glasses and fusing schedules he was making some nice looking stones. Rob & Deb showed some stones to friends and began selling them at craft shows. It was a big success! Debbi was selling pendants off of her neck and we decided from then on we would try to participate in four to five juried craft fairs a year. Rob & Deb bought a large kiln and turned one of the bedrooms into a glass studio. All of Rob's pendants are "free-form" he does not use a mold and each dichroic glass pendant is unique.

Rob Righter being interviewed at the Beverly Arts Fest (click below)

Debbi & I take great pride in the joy and happiness customers exhibit when wearing one of our creations. We really appreciate your support.